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Disneys Lorcana

🚨🚨 Disney’s Lorcana has E N T E R E D the chat 🚨🚨

Catch Em Collectibles will be selling all of these product at MSRP!! Yes, you read that right! ❤️

🚘 To the store tomorrow at 3:30 to grab yours.

🥁Here’s how this is going to work🥁

🛑 L I M I T S

1 PER FAMILY!!!! 🛑

1 Booster Box/ Starter Deck

1 Illumineers Trove/ Starter Deck

1 Gift Set/ Starter Deck

Decks/Sleeves- 2 Per Family

Binder/Playmat- 1 Per Family

You C.A.N.N.O.T buy 1 of each. It’s 1 set, not all 3. We are doing this to give all customer a chance to get Lorcana.

There will more then likely be a line! Get there early. Products will go fast! We cannot and will not hold items #itsnotpersonal! We’re trying to be as fair as possible.

If you have questions let us know. Outside of that we hope everyone gets to enjoy this game!

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