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Big News

Sneak Peek alert 👀! This is a pretty big deal! We have some awesome stuff coming into Catch Em Collectibles.

We just partnered up with Bioworld- for those of you who don’t know they are one of the larger distributors for the cool things you find in stores like hot topic and Spencer’s.

We will also be rolling out our own merch. We will be sizing inclusive. We want all of our customers to come into the store and buy our merch in their size! In addition to that we will also be featuring an entire children's clothing line. This will have all of your favorite Pokémon and anime characters.

This is all made here in the USA, designed by us and professionally pressed in house by a local mom and bad ass entrepreneur!! A women who also designs, owns and operates multiple successful clothing companies!

As a company we are extremely excited to continue branching out. Bringing nothing but the best to current and future customers. We are hoping to be your one stop shop.

Don't let the picture fool you, these are two of the worlds nicest guys ever. In case those cool hoodies didn't give it away they are also Pokémon lovers! My husband Joe "on the left" and a good friend and customer "on the right". CEC has been an amazing experience to say the least, and because of CEC we've made so many amazing friends through the business.

Did I mention that Gages wife is the women who does all of our Merch. You're supporting 2 local moms who own and operate small American businesses!

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