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Authentic Cards VS Fake Cards

Fake Cards VS Authentic Cards

Fake Cards- let’s talk about them.

Many people ask how to spot them. Unfortunately, we had a customer scammed by a seller on Mercari. He was nice enough to bring the packs in to the store so we could take some pictures and use them for content in hopes of helping others.

Let’s break it down.

The packs. Its hard to see in the picture but the packs are slightly different in size. The crimping on the packs are in different spots. They are a different height, width and consistency. Let’s talk about the color. On the authentic pack Raichu is vibrant the colors are bold yet clear. On the fake pack the Raichu is orange. The pack isn’t even gold as you can see on the fake pack. The XY emblem is different. You can also see where it says “10 cards” is a different font then the authentic pack.

Let’s move on to the back of the cards.

The back on the authentic card is a true darker blue. The fake card is more of a muted blue. You can also see that the blue dot in the center of the pokeball is a different color. The same with the pokeball. The colors on the pokeball are not as clear or bold.

Finally on to the Machamp break card.

You will see that the authentic card is holo or shiny. The fake card isn’t. The authentic Machamp is a real gold color where the fake Machamp is more of a yellowish gold color. You can also look at the banner- top left hand corner. The authentic is a real red where as the fake is significantly lighter red. You can also see that the font on both cards is different. The M on the fake card is wider then the authentic card. If you move over to the symbol you will also see that it’s not even the right symbol.

As store owners we’ve seen fakes. We know how to spot them. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a time or two where even I really had to question it. Much like anything else some are really close to authentic cards and some are awful dupes like these.

There are some very good ways to tell. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re unsure please feel free to text us and ask. Better yet if you’re unsure please don’t buy them.

A few more ways to tell...

-The weight and texture of the card

-The edges of the card

-High HP

-Wrong set symbol

-Incorrect spelling of certain words

-Rainbow on the wrong card

-Lack of texture

-Plastic feeling

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