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Who is Catch Em Collectibles?

Hi Everyone,

I'm Joe and that's Ashley. We are the proud owners of Cath Em Collectibles, your premier one stop shops for all things Pokémon. Located right outside of Charlotte NC.



I'm Joe and that's Ashley. A husband-and-wife duo hoping to take the Pokémon world by storm. When not in the store we answer to Mom and Dad. We have 5 kids, YES 5! This includes but not limited to a cat, rabbit and semi "famous" Saint Bernard. 


Fun Fact- 4 out of our 5 children helped create Catch Em. They all do anime, and they each hand selected something they wanted our store to carry. Many of you have seen, okay "lets be honest you heard them first" in the store. Shooting content for Tik Tok, running our register, or begging and pleading to open Pokémon. When I say were family owned and operated, I mean it. 


This is Harper, she's our youngest of 5.  She contributes NOTHING to the store, on the contrary she's good at taking things from the store "like most toddlers. This is why our store is so FAMILY FRIENDLY. As parents of 5 we get it. Having a safe space for kids of all ages is so important. We wanted a place where kids could come and be who they are!

If you didn't know by now, Joe is the Snorlax looking guy in the store and Ashley well in true women fashion is doing everything else. Yes, I am the one who you message on social media. When you need stuff done it's me who's doing it! "You can call me "DUDETTE". I get called Dude & Bro a lot. Lika a lot, a lot. This is also why you get heart emojis. No Joe is NOT sending you coordinating hearts. We all agreed that Joe was easier on the eyes "laugh now" and should therefore be in the store. On the rare occasion that he's busy I'll be the hot mess express chasing around those same loud 5 kids "ha-ha" IYKYK! Just look for me behind the trail of opened Pokémon cards scattered throughout the store.

Down below we have my youngest son, Colt. He lives and breathes Pokémon. He's a collector in the making. We understood the assignment and made sure that one of our kids follows in our footsteps! His voice would be the one in the background of most videos whining for Pokémon. and as frustrating as owing a family business can be at times, he loves the hobby and I love that for him. Colt and Ashley make master sets together and that's how they connect! If you see them at the back table with a binder PROCCED WITH CAUTION. Don't say I didn't warn you "ha-ha".

Ashley and I are personal collectors "even if Joe sells everything I collect" We enjoy all things Pokémon in general but were biased. We LOVE vintage. This is why we have the BEST selection of vintage Pokémon I have seen. They say you put effort into the things you love. If this is true, then the store is definitely a labor of love.

As for the rest of our kids well they are TEENS/PRETEENS... Need I say more?


For now, were collecting one Pokémon at a time and loving this crazy ride. Selling Charizard cards really has been LIFE CHANGING!

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